The Devil & The Turkey Hunter

3 June 2011

There was once a man, I do not recall his name, who loved to hunt turkeys. You may know him, or someone like him. Now, there is nothing wrong with hunting. But Sunday is the Lord's day, not the turkey's. Anyway, as the story goes, he loved to hunt turkeys so much he would seek the sacred bird on Sunday mornings instead of being with his family in God's house. When Sunday morning came, he positioned himself in his usual place, near his 'honey hole', where many a good gobbler had fallen. He cocked his ear, and sure enough, he heard a gobble here, and one over there.

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The Devil & The Turkey Hunter

Uploaded: May. 30 2011


Suddenly, a deep, course gobble sounded from his left side that shook the woods. With a sly smile on his face he bowed his head and humbly prayed, "Lord, help me to get that big one." Confident that he had favor of the Lord, he moved into position, and began to work his old faithful caller. The big bird answered, and slowly made his way toward the camouflaged hunter's lair. The hunter's heart began to beat faster as the big gobbler strutted, drummed his tail feathers, and let out a bellowing gobble. The hunter prayed again, "Lord, help me get him." Finally, the big bird moved into a shooting lane, and let out the last gobble of his life. BANG! The hunter's prayers were answered... he had his bird. As he walked over to examine his trophy the hunter looked down upon his prey, smiled, and thanked the Lord. A little tear trickled down from his eye. He felt good in his heart because the Lord had heard his prayer, and blessed him with the big bird. This also meant to him that what he was doing that morning was well accepted of God. After all, the Lord gave him the kill. He felt especially good because he was humble enough to thank God for the trophy. Life is good, he thought to himself. I think I will move to another spot, and try for another bird.

But there was another scene going on in the background that he couldn't see. A scene that had gone on every time he had killed a bird on Sunday morning. It was the devil with some of his fallen angels. It seems that this was an annual season that the devil used to train his demons. When the final shot went off, and the hunter thanked God, the devil said to his imps, "You see, it works every time. I know the Lord is not going to answer a prayer like that on Sunday morning. So I send the birds out and it keeps them from God's house every time. Today was the day that man was going to hear a message that would bless him and his family forever. He thought he was the hunter, with the best call, and in the best place. But he was the one taken this morning. We have had a good day. Life is good. Let's try another place"

Now I will not be judgmental, but I am not sure where that man is today. I pray the Lord had mercy on his poor soul and he is singing with Gabriel in heaven. But he may be turkey hunting with the devil and his imps! I will tell you a story about the fisherman and the deer hunter at another season.- Old Story-by a Soul Hunter